FUNecole® is your end-to-end toolkit to tackle the new and demanding UK primary computing programme of study. With 100% syllabus coverage in both KS1 and KS2 its topics include coding, computer science, networks, searching and the internet, e-safety, digital literacy and ICT. And on top, its unique 21st century skills lesson integration develops solid critical-thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, independent thinking and social skills to your primary pupils.

When was the last time you pulled an “all-nighter” to plan your upcoming computing lessons? How much valuable time do you spend on combining open resources, learning new topics and creating your own materials? And by then, how do you ensure consistency and the element of progression through the year and over the whole primary years? How easily do you engage your pupils while using scattered themes and activities? How do you tackle meaningful formative assessment? Read on.

Planning and Resourcing

FUNecole® offers fully designed lessons for up to 70 teaching hours per primary year enabling you to deliver even beyond the national curriculum (e.g. web design). The lessons are comprehensively supported with digital teaching resources including detailed plans, activity guides, games, illustrated teaching content, student assignments and formative assessments.

Teaching and Learning

FUNecole® lessons are designed on 21st century interdisciplinary themes such as global awareness and environmental literacy enabling you to follow either a standalone or integrated approach to teaching the curriculum. The lesson activities revolve around real-world scenarios and are specifically designed to incorporate project-based learning and “learner-centred” approaches.

funecole lesson - global awareness

Assessment and Reporting

A series of formative student assessments are provided with each lesson, enabling you to get instant feedback on your students’ progress. The questions are specifically designed to assess both computing and 21st century skills understanding. Descriptive learning analytics are available upon activity and lesson completion allowing you to derive and report meaningful class insights.

Key Stage 1
With FUNecole® Green Awareness And FUNecole® Red Interest Years.

Computer Science
  • Understand algorithms.
  • Create and debug simple programs.
  • Use logical reasoning to predict program behaviour.

FUNecole® CS themes and projects include algorithm design, turtle graphics, block programming and robotics.

Information Technology
  • Use technology purposefully to create, combine, organise, store, retrieve, manipulate and search digital content.

FUNecole® ICT themes and projects combine word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, communication, operating systems, storage, augmented reality and presentation/multimedia/video apps.

Student exercise - create and debug simple programs

Digital Literacy
  • Use technology and the Internet safely and respectfully.
  • Protect personal information.
  • Recognise common uses of IT beyond school.

FUNecole® DL themes include searching in the Internet, understanding of risks, privacy issues, respecting others and recognising uses of IT at home, school and workplace.

Student exercise - >Protect personal information.

Key Stage 2
With FUNecole® Yellow Exploring, FUNecole® Blue Design, FUNecole® Orange Development And FUNecole® White Sharing Years.

Computer Science
  • Design, write and debug programs and use logical reasoning.
  • Use sequence, selection and repetition; variables and I/O.
  • Understand networks, the Internet, and its services.

FUNecole® CS themes and projects include top down design, embedded systems, simulation, network design, HTML/web design, block and script programming, and robotics,

Information Technology
  • Select, use and combine a variety of software
  • Collect, analyse, evaluate and present information.
  • Use search technologies effectively.

FUNecole® ICT themes and projects combine word processing, databases spreadsheets, graphics, cloud services, communication, information handling, multimedia and video/sound editing apps.

Student exercise - Collect, analyse, evaluate and present information

Digital Literacy
  • Understand collaboration and communication opportunities arising from networks.
  • Evaluate digital content.
  • Use technology, safely, respectfully and responsibly.

FUNecole® DL themes include searching in the Internet, evaluating digital content, respecting intellectual property, and awareness on digital footprints.

Use technology, safely, respectfully and responsibly.

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