The most complete set of lesson plans, activities, assessments, projects and further teaching resources that supports teachers to prepare, deliver and assess up to 70 hours of computing and digital literacy lessons per primary school year – with less teacher effort and more student engagement.

Every teacher should save energy for the part that matters the most, the actual lesson time. The amount of time spent on planning, creating and combining teaching materials is exhausting and hinders performance during delivery. That is why every FUNecole® Creative Learning lesson is comprehensively planned and supported by a complete range of teacher and student resources.

1-Hour Teacher Preparation

Detailed descriptions of class activities, discussions and games are provided with step by step execution instructions. Background reading material about the lesson’s theme, learning cycle and detailed objectives are mapped to each activity. The actual class presentation is fully illustrated and broken down to activities. A series of student assessments and student exercises are available for each activity. Your weekly preparation has just dropped to the minimum.

1-hour teacher preparation

Engaging Lesson Delivery

Lesson themes are based on real-world situations and 21st century subjects including global, civic and environmental awareness. The class presentation guides the discussions with exciting illustrations and further instructional content. Collaborative and project-based learning are integrated to all student hands-on computing activities. Your weekly classes have just transformed to self-rewarding and exciting 21st century learning environments.

engaging lesson delivery


Aside from fun, hands-on games are used to enhance learning by helping students to move from abstract to practical understanding. FUNecole® lesson activities incorporate interactive games and role-playing designed to immerse students in learning concepts and outcomes.


Formative Assessments

Taking place during instruction, formative assessments provide constant feedback to help teachers adjust delivery and improve student achievement. Every weekly lesson is supported by a series of obtrusive and unobtrusive student assessments designed to boost student interaction and more importantly, to provide real-time feedback on students’ understanding of both computing/digital and 21st century skills outcomes.

formative assessments

Computing Instruction and Tools Support

The completion of real-world digital projects is the capstone activity of every FUNecole® lesson. The activities are specifically designed to combine lesson outcomes with digital skills acquisition. The exercise content provides practical guidance to students and is supported with illustrated instruction for the actual tool/software that will be used. FUNecole® digital projects go beyond standard office productivity to constantly incorporate activities using modern cloud tools and apps ranging from interactive story-telling to coding and robotics.

instructional content

Scope and Sequence? Check!

We value standards and structured progression towards formal syllabus achievement. That is why every FUNecole® lesson, activity and exercise is designed and explicitly mapped to formal curriculum objectives and syllabus standards.

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