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“FUNecole® provides teachers with a seamless way to direct students to apply their knowledge of critical software programs and web applications in unique activities focused on developing social and emotional skills. Students are provided with scenarios that reflect real-world, authentic, age-appropriate issues, then use a wide variety of tools and strategies to communicate their opinions, arguments, and reflections.”

ISTE Seal of Alignment Review Findings Report, June 2018

How do we prepare the 21st century students to succeed in a constantly changing and digital-by-design work-life environment? Teaching technology skills alone is not enough. Future-ready students must practice critical and creative thinking, connect and collaborate globally, be able to critically read information and people, become network-wise, publish for multiple audiences and engage in diverse voice.

FUNecole® is your complete digital learning solution for teaching and assessing 21st century and digital literacy skills in elementary education. FUNecole® lessons are specifically designed scientifically designed to incorporate, systematically progress, and assess the 21st century integrated skillset and naturally align with the ISTE Standards for Students.

Creativity and Innovation

Every FUNecole® lesson challenges students to demonstrate inventiveness, create original work and pursuit alternative solutions. Students learn how to use a variety of idea creation, design, and testing techniques to solve real-world problems.

Creativity and innovation
creation,design and testing techniques

Communication and Collaboration

FUNecole® students learn how to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas to a variety of audiences by using multiple digital media and technologies. They are encouraged to exercise team work, flexibility, and assume shared responsibility to accomplish common goals.


Computational, Critical-Thinking and Problem-solving

FUNecole® real-world projects require students to identify and ask critical questions, collect and analyse data, make informed decisions, break-down problems into smaller parts, use logical reasoning, develop sequences of discrete steps, and evaluate alternative solutions.

Computational and critical thinking
Problem solving

Global Awareness, Environmental and Civic Literacy

FUNecole® 21st century interdisciplinary themes enable students to address global issues, understand and respect diverse cultures, participate effectively in civic life, use entrepreneurial skills, understand the natural world, and investigate environmental issues.

Global Awareness and Environmental literacy
Civic Literacy

Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

FUNecole® students develop into true “digital natives” as they understand how to use the Internet safely and respectfully, protect their identity online, respect the privacy and intellectual property of others, and are aware of their digital footprint and navigation tracking.

FUNecole book theme - digital literacy
FUNecole book theme - Digital Citizenship

ICT, Media and Information Literacy

FUNecole® 21st students learn how to critically access, organise and evaluate information by applying technology effectively and ethically. They use a variety of digital devices, tools, software and social media to create, curate, and communicate information successfully and responsibly.

ICT literacy
Information literacy

Scope and Sequence2

2016 ISTE Standards For Students1 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
The FUNecole® Green Awareness™ Year The FUNecole® Red Interest™ Year The FUNecole® Yellow Exploration™ Year The FUNecole® Blue Design™ Year The FUNecole® Orange Development™ Year The FUNecole® White Sharing™ Year
1. Empowered Learner
2. Digital Citizen
3. Knowledge Constructor
4. Innovative Designer
5. Computational Thinker
6. Creative Communicator
7. Global Collaborator

12016 ISTE Standards for Students, ©2016, ISTE® (International Society for Technology in Education), All rights reserved.

2Disclaimer: FUNecole® has been extensively reviewed by ISTE reviewers for alignment against the ISTE Standards for Students at the Proficiency level and has successfully earned a Seal of Alignment. For more information on the alignment to specific indicators please read the ISTE Seal of Alignment Review Findings Summary.

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