FUNecole® is a comprehensive digital learning solution for teaching and assessing Computer Science, Digital Literacy, Social-Emotional (SEL), and 21st Century skills in primary education (1-6).

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Episode 4 Scene 1 from The FUNecole® Green Awareness Year 1


funecole lesson plan

1. Minimises lesson preparation time

Fully planned lessons with complete teaching materials for up to 70 teaching hours per year.

ICT skills content

2. Navigates through edtech "chaos"

Technology applications and tools are carefully selected and supported throughout the activities.

Standards aligment

3. Supports curriculum objectives "start-to-end"

Aligned and planned in detail to exhaust ALL syllabus objectives of major technology-oriented curricula.

funecole lesson design

4. Measures student achievement

Benchmarks and reports student developmental growth on 21st century skills and formal curriculum objectives.

course real time analytics

5. Reports class performance in real-time

Immediate feedback on student activity completion and instant analytics from formative assessments.

Digital Portfolio

6. Engages students and secures their “buy-in”

Students make their own choices, practice project-based learning with real-world problems, and create their own digital portfolios.

FUNecole® integrates Computing with 21st Century skills

Computing & Digital Citizenship Skills

  • Computer Science: design algorithms and write programs to solve problems.
  • Information Technology: use and combine different software to analyse information and create digital content.
  • Digital Literacy: use technology and the Internet safely and respectfully.

21st Century Skills & Social-Emotional Learning

  • Self-awareness and self-control.
  • Understanding and interacting with others.
  • Analysing and utilising information.
  • Addressing complex problems and issues.
  • Creating patterns and mental models.
  • Global, environmental, and civic literacy.

Curriculum and Standards Alignment

UK National Primary Computing Curriculum

Learn More

Cambridge Primary – Cambridge ICT Starters

Learn More

ISTE Standards for Students 2016

Learn More

CASEL Framework for SEL

Learn More


Computational thinkers and problem-solvers

Students develop critical and abstract thinking while tackling real-world problems.

Relentless communicators and collaborators

Students work together to achieve common goals and learn how to communicate effectively with different audiences.

Researchers and information scientists

Students investigate hypotheses, evaluate information from multiple sources, and analyse data to make educated decisions.

Ethical digital leaders

Students learn how to stay safe online, protect the privacy of others, and respect intellectual property.

Digital content masters

Students combine different applications and technology tools to create, organise, store, and retrieve variety of digital content.

Socially responsible citizens

Students acknowledge diversity, practice empathy, and display accountability across global, community, civic, and environmental perspectives.


21st Century & Social-Emotional (SEL) skills

ICT & Computer Science skills

Digital Literacy skills

*average student progress per objective per year


Amazing, holistic, creative, innovative, and part of the future of education; just a small part of what fellow teachers and learning designers say about FUNecole®.

FUNecole® is an innovative 21st Century Curriculum devised and created to meet all the needs of teachers and children alike. It can be used for Independent Thinking, ICT, Coding & Computing, personal and social education as well as the development of the ‘whole’ child. It’s an amazing pedagogical tool as well as a fully immersive experience for children and teachers. Resources, lesson plans, teaching tools - all your needs for the 21st Century teacher. There is nothing else like it. It’s magical
Nina Jackson
Award winning speaker - Best Selling Author - Education Consultant
Award winning speaker Nina Jackson


ISTE seal of alignment

Seal of Alignment
ISTE Standards for Students

Cambridge Assessment International Education

Endorsed by Cambridge International for Cambridge ICT Starters Qualifications

certified microsoft innovative educator organisation

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Organisation (MIE)

Analysed as a BEST PRACTICE in Creative and Innovative Good Practices in Compulsory Education Europe

Analysed as a BEST PRACTICE in "Creative and Innovative Good Practices in Compulsory Education" Europe

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