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FUNecole® is an end-to-end, blended learning solution for ICT, computing, critical-thinking, entrepreneurial and social skills development in primary education


FUNecole teaching content

Complete teaching content and materials for 35 lessons per school year

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FUNecole student portofolio red year

3 engaging and content-rich student portfolios per school year

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FUNecole student learning and sharing website

Teacher and student collaboration websites for peer-to-peer project sharing

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FUNecole professional development

Comprehensive initial teacher training and annual professional development

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Syllabus Benefits:

The first complete 21st century skills curriculum in primary education

FUNecole® introduces a new multi-disciplinary subject that transforms primary education through an innovative, integrated and scientifically designed method for teaching young students (6-12 years) the skills needed in their later academic and professional life. It disrupts the traditional methods and mind-sets of primary education and offers schools an advantage in their provision of education fit for the 21st century. Discover the FUNecole® 6 Year Journey of Knowledge

“FUNecole® lessons integrate social, entrepreneurial, creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, media, information and ICT literacy in primary education”

FUNecole Trailer
Video Trailer - 21st Century Creative Learning with FUNecole®

FUNecole Leaflet
FUNecole® Brochure - Is your school ready to educate the 21st century learners?
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About Us

Digipro Computer Consultants Ltd is a learning design consultancy established in Cyprus since 1990. With over 25 years of teaching and education management experience, Digipro is highly involved in educational research and development programs for using technology as a platform for enhanced learning.

FUNecole® Creative Learning is an educational solution developed by Digipro aiming to foster the transformation of primary school education using disruptive, innovative and ICT-rich learning curricula for global collaboration and social cohesion. The FUNecole® Original Design Concept revolves around entrepreneurial education concept and provides lessons that focus on student’s own questions and concerns as they apply them in real-life context.